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For some sneak previews of what's on offer at the open day look up kitsforcash on facebook

Had a few people getting a bit huffy with me...bless. I haven't the time to make a list, or even to search through thousands of kits looking for what you so desperately require....😒. Why? I'm busy that's why, I no longer work 7 days a week, 16 plus hours a day like I used to... sorry but it is now a 3 day week so I can do things I want to do.....plain and simple.
If i had the time to make a list, I'd list the buggers on the website...😁
cheers ian

Oh and we'll be shut 12 dec to 18th, quick trip abroad...

As a quick update, please note, we are not a retail shop, you will be entering at your own risk. The unit is set up for me to work in and there may be potential hazards, please use common sense. Amazingly bad that society has got so bad I have to say this...... We never had so many signs in our day...that's because we weren't as dumb!....😁
The only stock that will be unavailable is the stuff on the website.
Oh and if you have a collection you want to sell.....bring that along!
Right, had a think...shocking I know....saturday 7th dec. 10am to 2pm. kfc will be open to the public.....have okayed it with the farmer...he'll try to avoid shooting anybody.....but please be aware it is a working farm.

Just to keep you all informed about what's happening at KFC. I'm in the middle of a long overdue stock-take.....hence the quiet website. Trying to clear out loads of old stuff to make way for new.
I have many hundreds of part started kits.....was thinking of having an open day, where people can pop along and buy many would be interested? Would be a saturday or sunday before christmas.


Just so you know what is happening, with newark and the nats looming, i'm having a clear out...part starteds / incompletes and decals accessories dodge is currently residing at space is needed! Now recovering after my operation, back in the ring boxing training next week......looking forward to re-sharpening my skills! Have a certain person in mind...unfortunately for him, we are here to take orders not abuse!

As lots of you know I'm ex-forces, late 2017 I had my knee replaced at RJAH hospital Owsestry, by Col Meyer, a serving army officer who has an ever increasing veterans clinic there. They are now going to build a new huge centre for treating veterans...... Donations gratefully received.....

As per the website, i will be ramping the simian stuff range down, why? As time moves on I wish to spend more time doing things I want to do (motorbikes and cars!), done the 18hrs a day 7 days a week for far too long.....I am dropping down to 3 days a week in the shop, so dispatch times will drop a bit......sorry but that's the way it will be. Never has been such a thing as an emergency model kit, despite some peoples antics!

....I will do the odd sci-fi studio scale model....that me and the master guy want for ourselves....and again limited runs to offset our costs....


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