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yes we'll be there.....

Just so you know what is happening, with newark and the nats looming, i'm having a clear out...part starteds / incompletes and decals accessories dodge is currently residing at space is needed! Now recovering after my operation, back in the ring boxing training next week......looking forward to re-sharpening my skills! Have a certain person in mind...unfortunately for him, we are here to take orders not abuse!

Well, what a welcome back, the six week holiday was amazing.....Now back to the grindstone....just about caught up with the orders....the nationals is looming, looking forward to sharing a few laughs with you all. New lines? Not sure we're going to get the time to be honest, having trouble keeping up with orders as it is....we shall see.

As lots of you know I'm ex-forces, late 2017 I had my knee replaced at RJAH hospital Owsestry, by Col Meyer, a serving army officer who has an ever increasing veterans clinic there. They are now going to build a new huge centre for treating veterans...... Donations gratefully received.....

We will be closed from 10th june 2019 to 1 august 2019 for a long overdue holiday..... off to america to buy more parts for my 66 dodges......the restorations continue!

As per the website, i will be ramping the simian stuff range down, why? As time moves on I wish to spend more time doing things I want to do (motorbikes and cars!), done the 18hrs a day 7 days a week for far too long.....I am dropping down to 3 days a week in the shop, so dispatch times will drop a bit......sorry but that's the way it will be. Never has been such a thing as an emergency model kit, despite some peoples antics!

The harrier range will disappear as will sr53 bucc intakes etc etc...YOU HAVE BEEN while they're in stock....some are in short supply now. I still get people asking about heritage stuff.πŸ˜€.....I will do the odd sci-fi studio scale model....that me and the master guy want for ourselves....and again limited runs to offset our costs....

Well it's that time of year, wishing all our customers, old and new a merry christmas and a prosperous and happy new year.

We will be closed from 20th December to the 7th January....yes I'm taking some time out to spend with the missus and our old dog, sox, who as some folks know is sadly dying of bone cancer. The old warrior is still his happy self at present so I'm determined to make the most of his last days.
Best regards Ian, Mary and Sox​​​​​​​

Time is really flying, newark show is nearly upon us....14th October.....starting to get some choice stock ready....It looks like i'll be taking some stock off the website to fill the gaps in the if there's somethingyou have your eye on....don't delay or it may disappear! I'm on holiday 25th Sept to 7th again, get your orders in early.  Kit collections urgently wanted.....clear out the loft and earn some cash folks....

Where does the time go....august already......just put a load of really nice car kits on the website, 1:20, 24 and 12th scales.......really worth checking out.

I've had a nice collection of corgi aviation archive diecasts come in with this last lot of kits....all are really nice...once theyre gone...thats it.....grab them while you can. some are on evilbay ianzstuff.

spent a lovely day or two "darn sarf" and look what i've collected (pictures on our facebook page) ......the vast majority will go to the south shields time before then so messages....i want...etc etc as they will be little time to the wedding / lovely stuff going to the show...see you all there hopefully.

Wow where has the time my knee settles down KFc is stepping up a gear....getting ready for the south shields show in june.....before that I've got to squeeze in getting married and having a honeymoon....we'll be closed may 1st to 16th......It appears that i screwed up with the limited edition fa2 kit, i thought the airfix kits we had were frs1's....nope they were gr1' theres been a change of plan.....I'm now having a limited run of fa2 conversions.....comprising...
new fa2 conversion, fa2 cockpit set, u/c set, intakes, airbrake, aamraams and all new tanks....with that amazing decal sheet.....there will only be 80 of these, then that is it.....the fa2 conversion will be out soon with a small decal sheet. later we'll offer the gr1 kits with an amazing decal sheet and other resin goodies.....
grab them quick....these will be on a first come basis.....still geting people asking after shadomobiles!

As my knee settles down things are returning to as normal as things get collections rolling in, listings getting back to normal, collections always me! 01827 767654.

Just had my knee replacement brought forwards to 29th november, we will be shut for a week. Orders will be sorted asap as always! 😁

The nationals is over, wow, so busy, we never stopped. Shadomobiles are gone, we will be destroying the moulds and masters in the new year! The huge pile of fa2 kits is already dropping, once they're gone..thats it! Hundreds of kits awaiting listing, i'm getting through them as quick as possible. On the 9th december i'm having a quick knee replacement so will be closed for a week, then my lovely young lady will take the reins.

Well, it's nearly upon us, the nationals beckons.....check out our facebook page to see some of the amazing stock we're taking, i think our best choice ever, including some incredibly hard to come by stuff.......see you there.Here's a sneak preview of simian stuffs limited edition of 85 1:24th harrier fa2 complete kits, includes resin u/c, amraams, intakes, airbrakes, cockpit detail set, new fa2 conversion and new 190 gallon tanks......awaiting the new decal sheet arriving, we'll all being well have a few at the nationals. As with all the simian line, limited edition, once they're gone, that's more. We still get people asking for 1:24th lightnings and second chances folks!

06 Oct 17
Well, the new website has been up and running a wee while......and judging by the feedback and sales has proved popular. I can't believe that the monster wall of shadomobiles have almost gone, 2 left. This is your last chance folks, I still get people calling after the 32nd vulcan we did 25 of........10 years later, so sure there are those out there going to be disappointed they didn't snap one up. Looking forward to the mayhem of the newark show.....pop over and say hello.

12 July 17
Where has the time gone? Back from a great week away, back orders now caught up,
On the secondhand side, thousands of kits just listed, thousand more coming in this weekend......Also be website being prepared as we speak.......faster longer stronger etc etc......should be the amount it cost..........fingers crossed you like it...

12 april 17

Only 11 days to the milton keynes show, have kept a load of amazing kits back for this show...come along and grab a bargain. See you there.
16th feb 17
Well, heritage has gone, the few items i've kept on will shortly be re-released under the simian stuff banner, some with a few minor tweaks!
Collections as always, still wanted, give us a call.

7th Feb 17
Well this was unexpected....An amazing turn of events, over the last couple of days......a mystery buyer has put a large deposit down on the old heritage stuff.....looks like they're interested in the old stuff.....lots did get destroyed though....

1st Feb 17
More good news I can now confirm that i'll be taking 7 tables to the Hinkley show on the 12th March......look forward to seeing you there.....

29th Jan 17

Well, after the disappointment with the Huddersfield show...we now have some good news, i'll be taking 6 tables full of kits to the Milton keynes show on the 23rd april, look forward to seeing you all there.....

24th Jan 2017
Well, for the first time in years I'm stunned....I've supported the Huddersfield show virtually since it began, this year I phoned them hoping to increase the size of plot we have, to find that they've given my pitch away.....evidently paperwork was sent, (nothing received here) so, instead of phoning us, they gave away my pitch...not impressed at all, I am that disgusted with the treatment we've received that we will no longer support their show.....wasted not only our money, but more importantly my time.....Good news for you folks is that there will be even more new stock now going on the website!!!!

4th Jan 2017
Happy new year to everyone, hope it beats the great year that was 2016...What an amazing start, just beginning to list an amazing collection which includes planes, 35th armour, cars and gundam stuff....and a must for the yank car fans I've got a 500 plus collection of them in ......hold on to your going to be good!

16 dec 16

Well it's getting near christmas....where has the year gone? As lot of you know it has been frantic here, two moves, anew life in effect...all good though. I am collecting an amazing new collection next week and others are in the pipeline.....I've got my work cut out for me in the coming months......hectic to say the least. Anyway thanks to all my customers old and new, your support has been wonderful and the comments we seem to get at shows are 99% I must be doing something right!
Have a brilliant christmas and a great new year.....Ian

30 nov 16
At last the move is wrapped up.....all being well that's it, we're here to stay! Just been in hospital for yet another knee op, let's hope this one lasts! Now it's time to start listing the hundreds of kits that came back from the thousands we took to telford.....what a busy show that was, especially with us being down a musketeer, we all missed simon page, get well soon mate! As things settle i'll hopefully get the metal casting machine going as it was dropped during the move...bugger! Fingers crossed it works. There is very little heritage stuff left...last chance for most of it.....

30 sept 16
Well smw is upon us, am frantically trying to complete the work on the new unit so the move can get finished as well as the double garage i'm building for the tools / motorbikes which are stored in the old unit.....still no staff so am working 16 hours a day, orders still going out on time, so sorry but no time for put-aways etc for the nationals,  all the stock going there has not been on the website...probably no heritage......all fresh stuff......see you there

14 September 2016
Well, it's that time of year...i'm on holiday 18 to 26 september....yay...please bear with me when I get bck as i'll be swamped with orders etc and may not get back to you asayl. (as soon as you'd like!)  8^)

9 September 2016.
Again the Southwell racecourse show is looming.....a real treat for those going, I've been salting away a few huge collections.....just for you guys.....what's left goes to the nationals.....So the website will be fairly quiet, as being on my own i'm struggling to find the the stock.....never enouigh hours, also due in part to....a move to better premises nearer to home,  happening early october which saves the commute....and the continuing rebuild of my new house and motorbikes! Still looking for staff......not as easy as i'd thought!

13 August 2016
well the simian stuff range has finally made an appearance, the heritage stock is dwindling away, a couple of the heritage kits tutor, vigilant, chippy etc will live on for a while yet....ish!

2nd june 16
well the south shields show is upon us, the whole of the second-hand stock is going so you won't see that category for a few days!!!!!

21 may 2016

Now the chaos of the move is subsiding.....i'm getting ready for the north shields show on the 5th june.....the whole stock will be going with buy it now to avoid disappointment! see you there...a great show...

5th April 16
Well, it is time to release the great news...well for me anyway....I'm moving in with the lady in my life in the first week of may. This will entail me moving heritage and kits for cash as well as myself down to darkest Kingsbury. The business will be moving to a huge new site in Heath end trading estate in Nuneaton......this will give me even more room to expand....the new sci-fi kits are being well received as I hope will be the new range of kits / conversions...​The heritage range is now being wound down as I concentrate on the new projects....grab them while you can....

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